Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maze of the letter A - Drawn psychedelicly on iPad2 - by Yonatan Frimer

The letter a, which is the first letter in the English alphabet, as well as other Latin based alphabets is basically two lines that are leaning up against each other, with a horizontal line down along the middle area. Like an upside down V with a dash in the middle. This A was drawn as a very psychedelic maze, upon an iPad2 using Art Studio and a stylus. The arrows mark the entrance and exits. Some people try to go through the exit and work their way backwards toward the entrance. Just like all the other mazes drawn by Yonatan Frimer, the A Maze you see here is designed with traps in both directions, so try it from both sides and good luck.

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The solution to the previous maze, the July 4th maze, is below:
July 4th Maze Solution: