Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Data Collection and Compiling Protocol

It was a Tuesday night. I left the house around midnight. There was a large amount of raw data I needed to collect. After selecting a few noticed bars in the area, I compared each of them with the number of people, male to female ratio, a rating on the vibe of the bar, AND odds on scoring in said bar. A giant task was at hand.

I walked into the Averna because it felt like the place to be. I would defenitly need to check out a few more of the places. My mind wandered as I drank my beer. Where would a lone female go on a night like this? Where would someone go when they have no where else to be? Does lonliness yearn a specific environment? After finishing my drink and paying for it, I abruptly left the bar just as a strapping young woman was entering. "I should stick around for longer next time" I thought to myself.

I walked around with a lone cigarette I had purchased in a store. Some bars seemed to be doing far better than others. The corner bars seems to be the best spots to go to alone. I witnessed different stages of mingling going on at both. There was also a larger crowd in these places. Perhaps the two streets allows for more people to go to. Maybe we'll hit that up next time.

Tab for the night, 25 NIS ($5.66)

Tel Aviv Bar Crawler begin shared social experience

Tel Aviv Bar Crawler officially begins today. In the coming weeks and months I will update my log with tales of exploring the adjacent neighborhood of Florentien in South Tel-Aviv, Israel.

My first course of action is to collect accurate data points for the purpose of identifying which bar is best on which night. By determining the highest crowd possiblity rate, my chances of a delightful time are hence forth increased.

Nightly budget allocated for Petty Cash (booze money): 50 NIS (about $11.27)

Happy Trails