Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Data Collection and Compiling Protocol

It was a Tuesday night. I left the house around midnight. There was a large amount of raw data I needed to collect. After selecting a few noticed bars in the area, I compared each of them with the number of people, male to female ratio, a rating on the vibe of the bar, AND odds on scoring in said bar. A giant task was at hand.

I walked into the Averna because it felt like the place to be. I would defenitly need to check out a few more of the places. My mind wandered as I drank my beer. Where would a lone female go on a night like this? Where would someone go when they have no where else to be? Does lonliness yearn a specific environment? After finishing my drink and paying for it, I abruptly left the bar just as a strapping young woman was entering. "I should stick around for longer next time" I thought to myself.

I walked around with a lone cigarette I had purchased in a store. Some bars seemed to be doing far better than others. The corner bars seems to be the best spots to go to alone. I witnessed different stages of mingling going on at both. There was also a larger crowd in these places. Perhaps the two streets allows for more people to go to. Maybe we'll hit that up next time.

Tab for the night, 25 NIS ($5.66)

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