Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cuboid devs announce two PSN titles

Cuboid devs announce two PSN titles

11:46 AM on 06.01.2009, Brad Nicholson 6 comments

Cuboid devs announce two PSN titles photo

Earlier today, Creat Studios -- the guys behind PlayStation Network titles Cuboid and Magic Ball -- announced two more PSN titles, Digger and Mushroom Wars.

Said to be “true” to the 1983 classic’s roots, Digger will have you controlling a mini-bulldozer through a variety of subterranean mazes. The fun can be found with the digging -- each of the underground levels require you to dig horizontally and vertically on a surely epic quest for loot.

Mushroom Wars is a family friendly real-time strategy title featuring, uh, mushrooms ... warring. It has a campaign mode and difficulty settings.

Both of these titles are due out this summer, which means soon. Hit the gallery (psst: look down) for screens of both games. Digger looks cute; Mushroom Wars has some serious style. Check them out.

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