Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Great Plateau, By Yonatan Frimer

Spring Hills, Israel, Yonatan Frimer Reporting:

A massive ship loomed in the horizon. The dark night accentuated its form, despite its blinding flood lights. Perhaps t'was an oil-tanker with unclear orders, or some form of electrical plant floating upon the somber waters. Whatever it was, it didn't make a difference. My companion and I where on a mission to find a suitable drinking establishment and no buoyant fortress was going to distract us.

The original plan was a rather pretentious location with soft-glow candles adorning the many empty tables. My better-sense required my foot to be put down and I demanded a higher content assignment for the evening. My aloof companion was fussy at first, but not to the extent of the threatened "take away" - a classic sales technique for closing the most fickle of clients. After a stroll along the Tel-Aviv promenade, a walk that revealed the popular places to be closed during these winter months, we landed upon a bar called the Masada Cafe. I know these are modern times, but I kept a sharp eye out for any unwelcome Romans. One can never be too sure in these parts.

My companion seemed adamant about choosing seating of corner location. With no objection on my part, we proceeded to order. I a beer, and for the lady, Merlot, with that bitter aftertaste. Despite our suitable conversation, my focus was still aimed at the massive floating object, fully lit and fixed upon the sea. Was the paperwork still being processed? Did some form of beaurocratic error keep this massive tanker afloat far upon the sea till offices opened the next morning. How many more drinks would I need before I could ignore this fact in front of me. What could this girl say that would draw my attention elsewhere.

We left bar in a rush and left a hefty tip. The waiter bid us farewell, but surely he thought even better of us upon seeing his 40% tip on the collection tray. The question remains, who do I have to give a 40% cut to get that oil-tanker out of the view.

"Call me!" She exclaimed as she boarded a cab. "Maybe" I responded. I still had a lot of work to do.

Yonatan Frimer contributed to this article.

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