Thursday, January 05, 2006

Helena Blend By Yonatan Frimer

Tel Aviv, Israel, Yonatan Frimer reporting:

The night had began to enter its finale and I was just going out. The first destination on the map was Helena, as recommended by my campanion who said she was bringing a friend. I started the evening by landing at the bar and enjoying a heft of bread and beer, and by fending a steak scam that the bartender was trying to pull on me.

Once my campanions arrived, we deposed of several drinking in a short manner of time. Other bars where had to be gotten to, but the evening progressed well enough to dismiss such invitiations. Sometimes its best to stay the course without requisiting the abort procedures. Sometimes plans turn out better than you expect and you don't need to fall back on your back up plan. Options are power, and the option to stay increases that power. What the hell am I writing here, I have had way too much to drink this evening.

Helena was not our last place, but simply our launching position. Off we went to Blend which my campanions friend had befriended the bartender in a previous time in her life and was trying to win her back. Why do these things move to be so difficult.

Blend is unique in that it has ecylyptis trees growing in the middle of the establishment and the energy is very unique. Like a well overtaken jungle parimeter in the latter years of the Vietnam war. Blue screens glowed along with DOS based accounting programs. The night was winding down, how much longer did we need to go. The end was coming, it was time to move on. We moved on. We moved on

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