Saturday, January 21, 2006

Philler Up, Cowboy By Yonatan Frimer

Ba-Ka, Jerusalem, Israel, Yonatan Frimer reporting:

My high speed travels to the hills of Jerusalem came to a comforting cruising altitude at the Wine Tasting party at Dr. Phil's penthouse near the old railroads of Ba'Ka. The air was crisp that night, and the large rooftop terrace had to be partioned off by elagant glass separators so that the crowd could mingle in warm surroundings. Some of the smokers ventured off to the roof, where no-one but a few cellphone freaks would mind their smoke.

The smokers had a party of their own. A clique crowd which hurtled down cigarette after cigarette thru their lungs and into the night air. The open terrace was perfect for them as they took seats. They where really enjoying themselves. Allowing whomever else wished to bum and join in celebration. It was the feeling you get when you stand at the edge or a very tall building or right before morning, when the night is at its darkest. The potential of the great beyond. Some smoked the Reds, I enjoyed a few Lights.

Back inside, there was a very socialist atmosphere. Everyone meets everyone and there is wine to lubricate. One of the girls had brought her best pasta salad, another, cherry pie. The good Doctor explained that he had rented the glasses from a friend in the catering business, "60 in all at(sic) it was not nearly enough."

After midnight, although I had not yet turned into a pumkin, I did have my suspicions. Better to leave on a high-note. Besides, I was all tapped out.

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